Bentley Green Tea
Bentley White Tea
Bentley 100% Natural Green Tea
24 Individual Tea Bags per box

The secret of green tea lies in that it is rich in the powerful antioxidant ECGC which is a
compound that belongs to a family of antioxidants known as polyphenols. Researchers
are continually finding more and more health benefits associated with ECGC.

These delicate natural flavors enhance the taste of this antioxidant-rich green tea.
Bentley Blueberry Green Tea
Bentley Earl Grey Green Tea
Bentley Royal Green Tea Sampler 30 Count
Tea bags are individually wrapped in foil for freshness
FLAVORS INCLUDED: 5 tea bags of each: Pomegranate
, Mango , Raspberry , Blueberry  , Oriental Treasure
and Passion Fruit & Papaya Green Tea.
Bentley Mango Green Tea
Bentley Acai Berry & Blackberry Green Tea
Bentley Jasmine Green Tea
Bentley Black and Green Classic Tea Sampler 30 Count
The Bentley Classic Tea Collection is appreciated by
connoisseurs the world over. FLAVORS INCLUDED:
5 tea bags each: English Breakfast Black Tea, Earl Grey
Black Tea, Premium Green Tea, Orange Spice Black
Tea, Peach Black Tea, Raspberry Black Tea